Of the Essence / Olennaista

Concept: Meri-Tuuli Risberg

Performers: Pippa Jämsén, Hanna Kahrola, Heini Tuoresmäki

Choreographers: Pippa Jämsén, Hanna Kahrola, Emmi Myrskog, Meri-Tuuli Risberg & Heini Tuoresmäki

Photos: Kari Kuitunen

OF THE ESSENCE is a performance about being a human in different state of mind. It is a sequel for the dance piece ESSENTIAL from 2010. The same working group came together and observed what has changed in the past eight years in life, movement and our selves or are we still the same.

OF THE ESSENCE is a collection of scenes about womanhood. It’s about being and not being from the aspect of five women, five different personalities and life situations. The working method has been work-in-process so the group is constantly open to change.

Performances : Fringe Festival 1.9. 2018 & Lokatanssit 6.10.2018