I wish I was a man / Olisinpa mies

Choreographer & Dancer: Heini Tuoresmäki

Director & Editor: Markus Leppälä

Cinematographer: Aarne Tapola

Sound Designer: Jyri Pirinen

Costume Designer: Teemu Muurimäki

Special Effects: Esa Mäkitalo

Producer: Michael Cordey

I WISH I WAS A MAN is screened in Loikka Dance Film Festival 2018, Loikka on Tour: Tanssivirtaa Festival, Kotka, Loviisa, Pori, Turku, Italy, Vaasa and Mexico 2018 & InShadow Festival Portugal 2018.

The film looks at the essence of a man by the means of dance and body art.

Stylewise, the film makes use of preaching of propaganda as it praises being a man. It romanticises and salutes the man. The content is built around four different male characters, played in the film by one female dancer. For who else could do it as impartially as a woman?