They Build Great Castles / He rakentavat suuria linnoja

Director & Choreographer: Heini Tuoresmäki

Sound Designer & Composer:
Jyri Pirinen

Costume Designer:
Reeta Tuoresmäki

Assistant of director:
Pippa Jämsén

Aili, Annikki, Astrid, Frida, Kerttu, Leimu, Olavi, Olga, Ruut ja Sonja

Performances in Kanneltalo 14/15 of September 2018

THEY BUILD GREAT CASTLES is a performance where children are the artists.

The work is a praise for curiosity, enthusiasm and free movement. It also speaks for perseverance and common agreements.

This dance piece brings them to the stage, whose movement is naturally free and organic. They who are spontaneous and honest to their feelings. They who learn rules designed to create a common good.

Through this work we regard the meaning of limits and agreements and give children the freedom to implement their own logic and imagination. Children have been involved in the planning of this piece and it’s characters.