Heini Tuoresmäki is a dance artist, choreographer and teacher based in Helsinki. She’s working in the field of dance in multiple ways and likes to combine dance with different arts. Heini is interested in the being and embodiment of a psychophysical human.

In addition to dance, Heini actively creates new and easily approachable culture in the city by organizing events and creating spaces for art.


WORKS   ↘︎

Thistle Field / Ohdakepelto

Directing & Choreographing: Heini Tuoresmäki
Dance: Kati Korosuo and Nina Mamia
Cinematography: Pietari Peltola
Editing: Markus Leppälä
Sound Design: Marc Melià

The work relies on bodily experience, hidden habits, packed and forgotten emotions, hanging limbs, self-contained body parts and others hanging around the neck. The work is layered, squeezed and tends to be released.

I wish I was a man / Olisinpa mies

Choreography & Dance: Heini Tuoresmäki
Directing & Editing: Markus Leppälä
Cinematography: Aarne Tapola
Sound Design: Jyri Pirinen
Costume Designer: Teemu Muurimäki
Special Effects: Esa Mäkitalo

The film looks at the essence of a man by the means of dance and body art.

Stylewise, the film makes use of preaching of propaganda as it praises being a man. It romanticises and salutes the man. The content is built around four different male characters, played in the film by one female dancer. For who else could do it as impartially as a woman?

Once Upon a Time There Was Olijo

Story: Emmi Kahilainen
Concept and Choreography: Pippa Jämsén, Emmi Kahilainen, Meri-Tuuli Risberg, Heini Tuoresmäki
Dance: Pippa Jämsén, Emmi Kahilainen, Meri-Tuuli Risberg, Heini Tuoresmäki
Music: Syntikkapop-trio VOLA (Olli Aarni, Juho Aittokallio, Mikael Myrskog
Olijos rap: Emmi Kahilainen, Heini Tuoresmäki
Costumes: Työryhmä / Workgroup
Lights: Arto Vuorinen

Once Upon a Time There Was Olijo, a Caribbean frog. After his childhood Olijo had been afraight of water. One night Olijo sees a wonderful dream, in which he sleeps with nice and wavy water. After this dream he decides to begin and like water, but turns out that it’s not easy for him; water drops are pranksters, Banana Leaf is a faithful umbrella-friend and sun shine is so sweet. But Olijo is determined, and soon he gets help from Ahti the expert of all the waters and Ahvenais the water lady.

Olijos story is told colourfully in the ways of dance and music. This story takes children and other viewers all the way from dream world into carnival atmosphere.

Length: 30min

Premiere: Lahden Lasten Talvikarnevaalit, Pikkuteatteri 29.1.2015

Pig in the Bag

Concept: Meri-Tuuli Risberg
Dance: Emmi Kahilainen, Meri-Tuuli Risberg, Heini Tuoresmäki

Pig in the Bag is a constantly changing improvised piece. It is an outcome of many different parts: the dancers, passers-by, the space and the audience. It gives a voice for opinion pieces and makes a statement when everything feels annoying and wrong. The three little pigs can be anywhere where you are or least expect it. The piece can be performed every time in a different public space.

Excess material

Concept & Choreography: Heini Tuoresmäki
Performers: Nina Mamia, Kati Korosuo, Nico Vehmas, Marika Laurén
Technical Design & Production: Esa Mäkitalo
Sound Design: Christian Sjöholm

Excess material is a layered piece about body mapping. It builds upon solo & duet works by various artists and draws inspiration from coding, technology, voice, and therapy. Every performance gathers and stores data and information from the previous one. A dancer outlines their body map, a picture of which is saved for the viewer. A grand scheme is forming.

Living Room

Concept: Heini Tuoresmäki
Dance: Emmi Kahilainen, Emma Ronkainen ja Pippa Jämsén
Music: Sagolik (Stina Koistinen ja Juho Kanervo)

Living Room examines limited, private and common surroundings around city milieu. In this piece layers, restrictions and freedom are surveyed. Living room creates tempting space for audience and passers-by to stay for a while or longer and enjoy dance, music and warm mood.

Premiere: Narinkkatori, Helsinki 8/2012

Loneland: The Moment I Breathe

Choreography: Meri-Tuuli Risberg, Heini Tuoresmäki
Dance: Emmi Kahilainen, Meri-Tuuli Risberg, Heini Tuoresmäki
Lights: Arto Vuorinen
Photos: Heidi Kotilainen

Loneland is gradually completed series of many dance pieces.

Premiere: LOKATANSSIT, Lahden Pikkuteatteri 10/2014
LOKATANSSIT -evening supported by Culture Center of Lahti